Monday, February 23, 2009

Antarctica NOT Warming

The unbelievable news of the day is:

"Ministers get close look at Antarctic ice threat

A Nov. 9, 2007 file photo shows melting icebergs in Antarctica.  Environment AP – A Nov. 9, 2007 file photo shows melting icebergs in Antarctica. Environment ministers and other representatives …

TROLL RESEARCH STATION, Antarctica – A parka-clad band of environment ministers landed in this remote corner of the icy continent on Monday, in the final days of an intense season of climate research, to learn more about how a melting Antarctica may endanger the planet."

When the Antarctic has been breaking records for winter ice extent, these idiots want to pretend that it is melting. Only the Western peninsula which extends out into the Southern Ocean shows any melting.

A recent, very flawed paper, which erroneously extrapolated a warming Eastern Antarctica from adulterated data, has been soundly debunked and the satellite data which has consistently and clearly shown the main mass of the continent to be cooling is still considered accurate. With the ice extent breaking records, it correlates well with the satellite data.

These politicians would deny the Sun lit the day if their goal was to put in 24 hour street lights for their own reasons. Their agenda is to use manmade global warming to control human activities and their means is blatant propaganda in the form of lies and denial of the real facts of our climate. They like to call us denialists, but what are they when they claim warming, sea level rise, melting, and ecological changes which are not happening?

This news article is a true joke. They pretend that we know little about the Antractic and that what we do not know has to be bad.

We know that the Antarctic has been breaking records for winter ice. And, guess what? When you have lots of sea ice, there is lots to melt the next summer!

We know that the major ice mass is gaining, as is that of Greenland. Melting around the edges there is more than offset by the mass it gains in the interior, as in the Antarctic.

"The answers are so elusive that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a Nobel Prize- winning U.N. scientific network, excluded the potential threat from the polar ice sheets from calculations in its authoritative 2007 assessment of global warming."

They had to leave it out, what? Because it is so unknowable? Or, if it was included, it would have to be a negative in terms of sea level change? Hmm.

The IPCC scientific network is a political joke network of scientists who have an agenda to form a one-world government while maintaining their revenue stream for their research. Their research funding depends on finding ways to show global warming and to implicate human activities. They have no other reason to be.

"The IPCC forecast that oceans may rise up to 23 inches (0.59 meters) this century, from heat expansion and melting land ice, if the world does little to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases blamed for atmospheric warming. "

Sea level really has not changed in 30 years except in anecdotal spurious sites or those bad sites chosen by the IPCC to support their opinions - yes, bad sites that are known to be inaccurate for sea level measurement. The oceans are currently cooling and ice masses growing - the IPCC produces all of the desired sea level rise by chosing bad data or claiming predictions from faulty models.

"And yet the West Antarctic ice sheet, some of whose outlet glaciers are pouring ice at a faster
rate into the sea, "could be the most dangerous tipping point this century," says a leading U.S. climatologist, NASA's James Hansen.sponsored links "

Wow, flowing glaciers are healthy glaciers. Sick, melting glaciers are receding, not flowing. Regardless, it is not a problem when the main mass is actually growing. Dr. Hansen, once again, is misleading the public, as is his habit and his political agenda. He claims rampant warming while the real world is actively cooling. He has to do so or he will have to admit in being wrong for the last 10 years.

""We are out of out cotton-pickin' minds if we let that process get started," Hansen said of an Antarctic meltdown. "Because there will be no stopping it."

What incredible arrogance by Dr. Hansen. He really thinks that we can control the climate? He is not in contact with the real world.

The concept of "tipping points" is fascinating as they are completely hypothetical and based on pure speculation. They are the "boogeyman" of global warming. Since our climate has been much warmer in the past, even the recent past, and CO2 has been much higher several times in the last 200 years, where are these tipping points? They are indeed imaginary and invoked to alarm the public.

It is so much fun to see what foolishness they will come up with tomorrow. Pretending to go to the Antarctic with the supposed goal to assess its future dangers, when it is the hallmark of the cooling of the planet and is behaving exactly the opposite of what they claim, is to implicate the Antarctic by feigned concern. This can only be interpreted as a sham for the benefit of the general public.

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