Sunday, March 1, 2009

Environmental Groups Protesting Nothing Bad

Just a quick note here. Apparently today 40 environmental groups are going to protest at a power plant near the Capitol - protesting the inability of the plant to be made carbon neutral. It is an old plant whose efficiency has been worked over and its emissions decreased as much as technology allows., but Congress has quit trying to do more. And they have even given up buying carbon offsets to pretend in making it carbon neutral.

Congress needs to realize that CO2 is good for us and not a pollutant. We lack the technology to trap and store all of this gas anyhow. It is tilting at windmills to try to expensively trap a gas which is not a problem.

It is time to bite the bullet and learn the real science which clearly shows that CO2 is not a problem and that a lack of CO2 is a much more serious threat. Below 200 ppm many plants cannot grow.

Dr Hansen of NASA is in the protest. He is the leader of the idiotic push to cripple the world for no reason. He is so deep into this scam that he cannot afford to extricate himself.

Apparently mass civil disobedience is also said to be acceptable to these protestors" and:
"The action is timed to coincide with the final day of PowerShift09, a four-day "National Youth Summit" that is bringing some 12,000 students to Washington to lobby for action on climate change. Organizers have said the young people from over a dozen countries "will acquire the tools to build the movement larger," "

Be afraid, very afraid. This is the beginning of the March of the Deluded. The scam is on and growing!